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February 25, 2013
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An Unusual Case of Puppy Love by QuintonQuill An Unusual Case of Puppy Love by QuintonQuill
I couldn't find any tickling pictures of Tali... so I made one... :B I adore her feet. And so does that varren. For pictures like this, its best not to wrack your head over how this came to be. Just enjoy a rare sight of Tali having her large pale quarian feet at the mercy of a large lavishing lapping tongue.

(alts *lineart *flats
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sensitive skin a plus
TaliZorahFootFocus Apr 11, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hands down the BEST Tali foot tickling picture I've came across. This picture has several points I'd like to cover.

First off, the picture's main attraction, Tali's bare feet. The feet look MARVELOUS. Her quarian feet look more human-like than in the actual games, but that's not enough to detract from the allure of these three-toed beauties. I adore Tali's creamy pale tan skin and the long, slender form of her soles and toes. Tali's large feet do not appear unnaturally large either, they look just right. Good you drew those third toes, as some pictures leave out those little toes (bit of a shame).

Tali's face is more than the icing on the cake. She's got a lively, beautiful expression that shows she's TRULY laughing. If I look closely, I think I see tears running down her face through that mask. How cute! The feet and face are this picture's bread and butter. Couple a pair of wonderful bare feet together with a wide, beautiful smile, and you've got a winner.

*I like the juxtaposition of Tali blushing, bursting out laughing, and spouting insults while the varren just calmly sits there, taking his sweet time.

*Look at Tali's hands! It's as if she's doing everything in her power to vent the overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations liberally being applied to the bare bottom of her left foot.

*I could just imagine in my head, Tali voicing over the dialogue as I read the words. It makes the picture more enjoyable to look at.

*You "WRETCHED bosh'tet"? Doesn't sound like something Tali would say. Perhaps the tickling's really getting to her head.

*Tali's right foot is completely clean, no blush either. Take up Tali's suggestion and get that other foot, varren!

*Speaking of clean feet, Tali's toes appear untouched. A shameful missed opportunity, varren.

*Only Tali's wrists and ankles are bound, she can still bend her knees to move her feet away. Instead, she's propping her feet up right in front of the varren's face. Maybe she secretly likes this?

That's that. An automatic download and favorite.

I wish I were that varren, because then, I wouldn't miss the toes.
My favourite character drawed by my favourite artist.
Thanks !
shepard-and-tali Feb 19, 2014  New member Professional Artisan Crafter
do you take request with she ?
Shepard-59 Feb 10, 2014  New member Professional Artisan Crafter
Do you want to make more pictures with Tali ?
This is it. I don't have much plans for her or any Mass Effect character.
Shepard-59 Feb 9, 2014  New member Professional Artisan Crafter
Tali's feet are so ticklish ! It is funny !
Great job :)
Being trapped in that suit for so long, those soles must really be in stimulating ecstasy. Ha ha, thanks.
:love: Oh, I will.  No questions asked!
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