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Favorite dude? (the gals poll will be posted after Si'lee and Ellehaha make thier debut) 

55 deviants said Znth
23 deviants said Fenrikk
13 deviants said Boldr



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Quinton Q.
United States
Some words on myself, for those interested...

I have a particular interest in the unusual; not simply furry, not exactly monsters, rather something beyond the norm. To sate such appetites I try to broaden the usual spectrum of tickle victims and hope to delight those with similar tastes as well as possibly expanding the interests of others.

My ears are always open for ideas an suggestions. Though please don't treat this as a request, I will shoot down most ideas as I am looking for unique and possibly obscure tickle victims. Don't give me cute cartoon characters or something you would ask any other artist to draw. Think odd, unusual, unique.
I'm still going to post a picture on Friday! Don't kill me yet. :B I'm just going to post one later than my usual time. And sorry for missing out last Saturday. I thought I had something scheduled but it looks like I didn't after all. :D So, in that case expect a picture Sat and Sun.

Alright now I would also like to address my most recent popular questions...

'Are you taking commission again?'
Sorry, nope. The posts you are seeing were arranged LAST year... yeah, that long ago. And I still have a lot more to finish including short comics and a dozen pictures so I'm full for the rest of the year and possibly longer. After all that, I WILL NOT be taking anymore commissions.

'Can I commission another artist to draw your characters?'
Yes sir, though I would like a heads up and picture details i.e. what's going on in the picture.

In continuation to the last question: 'I have something in mind for one of your characters... How far is too far?'
I want people to understand that these characters are FOR YOU! If you have some gay tickling fantasy involving Z'nth and Fenrikk you want to see drawn, you have my permission. If you want Issuvi stripped naked and Si'lee licking honey off her tits, have fun. Though I am pretty sure there are some boundaries I don't want crossed; ask if you are unsure. 

'Can I see your feet?'
Nope. They are nothing special.

I felt like I answered those questions probably five times over yesterday so I figured this may help.

LASTLY, some recent fan art.
Lets clean up shall we?? by DashadyAlien

Blobbagvolunteer17 by DashadyAlien

Deep Sea Torture by zp92


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fivelmousekewitz Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Hate to bring this up...I know you were SassySnake Once upon a time. Was there a reason you switched accounts?
QuintonQuill Featured By Owner 16 hours ago
A fresh start. That account wasn't what I wanted. You could thank Bombers for convincing me to start this account, Firefox suggested otherwise.
fivelmousekewitz Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  New member
I've last question. Where in the world did car crash come up? I heard something about a car crash and you were involved in it
QuintonQuill Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Ha ha, uh what?
(1 Reply)
CardinalSynFan Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Need more Shadow Weaver pics from you. :XD:
QuintonQuill Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I do have Shadow Weaver pictures.
liuzh Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
thanks for you help.
i will do what you tell in no time.
oh and by the way, i wish i can help you write some tickling story for your pictures?(please, it will be a pleasure to help you so you can upload more pictures in a shorter time.)
QuintonQuill Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Feel free to write stories but when I upload my pictures I prefer do to them myself as it is mostly done on impulse as in right when I'm submitting the picture. :D Ha ha. I appreciate the thought. Thanks.
liuzh Featured By Owner 5 days ago
well i am actually a collctor instead of a artist. those pictures in my gallery is come from some of the greatest artist of China. i want to make a bridge between our art and your art. so you guys will know how the chinese draw.
aftet reading this, if you think about i am a cheater, a copy cat, get out of here, i don`t blam you, because you are the first person read this. i am a loner. issuvi still have si`lee and i have nothing.
ps: i am fourteen years old. will be 15 after this month.
QuintonQuill Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Ha ha ha, I had a feeling. :D

Most people don't like to treat this site at an image hub, they will gladly try to set your gallery on fire the moment they realize it's not yours. If anything, I suppose you could set them to the scraps so it's feels less like a showcase. Or perhaps post a journal that says more than 'hello' and express exactly what you told me.

I am 25, still alone. :) It's not a big deal at all.
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